The beauty of plants and living installations is just one aspect of their contribution to a well-designed space. They not only provide benefits that add to an improved environment, but also are instrumental with sound dampening effects for large spaces, and adding a sense of tranquility when life can become overwhelming.


Improve Air Quality

As humans spend more and more time indoors during the day, the quality of the air we breathe is directly impacted by a variety of factors including, the materials used in the built environment. Plants create an indoor Phytoremediation effect, which is the plant’s ability to metabolize organic and inorganic pollutants, such as VOC’s, and detoxify them. This is a safe and effective way to maintain a healthy environment. 


Sound Absorbing 

An interesting benefit of Lush Elements installations, such as a Lush Wall or Living Lush, is the absorption of sound. According to research done by the The 21st International Congress on Sound and Vibration, surfaces that are covered in vegetation are able to take in 50% of sound energy. This allows for an economically viable, creative…creative, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing way of managing acoustic levels in large spaces. 


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Climate Enhancement

Living plants, whether in a container or a wall installation, benefit the environment they are in through the removal of CO2 from the air and the release of oxygen and water vapor via photosynthesis. The more oxygen we have, the more alert and strong we feel. Additionally, when some humidity is present in the built environment, one is less likely to contract respiratory illnesses. 



We, as humans, are innately drawn to the natural world. This relationship is understood through the Biophilia Hypothesis, and is the basis for research that supports the connection of physical and mental health and well-being when in proximity to nature. When we bring the natural world inside of the built environment, our health, cognitive function, productivity, and sense of well-being is dramatically improved.