Our Process

We believe that creating artistic designs and functional spaces is an experience unique to each client. 




To successfully achieve a one-of-a-kind piece or space, we begin the process by meeting in the proposed space and learning about your goals and visions.  We sketch the space, take copious notes and photos and imagine with you. 

Our team will share opportunities and challenges that take into consideration the many factors of the built environment, while evaluating your goals and objectives.  

We will review these variables including: angles and intensity of sunlight, viewsheds, competing uses, maintenance factors, infrastructure, cooling and heating, and the flow of people through the space.  

Once a clear idea has been identified and agreed upon, the Lush Elements team will send over a proposal within 5 working days. 



The ultimate intention of our pieces is to provide a portal into the beauty of the natural world, creating spaces that nurture, energize and inspire inhabitants.   

The design process involves research, drawing on experience from past projects, utilizing plant palettes, color, texture and style, and in some cases, considering how plants will grow in their intended environment. All of this comes together to provide the client with a well thought out, artistic, and engaging piece of art.

Your pieces are designed and hand crafted at our studio.



The installation of a project is all about actualizing the design in an efficient, timely manner, while creating a high quality result.  

The installation team works together effectively to minimize any disruption in work flow or living space, keeping the work zone safe and organized.  

The timing of this stage of the process completely depends on each individual project and the unique needs of the plants, people, and space. 

One of the benefits of a Lush Wall is that NO maintenance is required. This is the only type of project that Lush Elements offers that requires a one time installation.



Maintenance is a crucial part in the success and longevity of a Lush Elements piece. Weekly or bi-weekly maintenance is a realistic component of living art, not including Lush Walls.

Plants require knowledgeable professionals who can identify pests and have the know how to manage them. The Plant Technician will attend to the pruning and water needs of plants through the span of its existence. 

The Lush Elements team of dedicated professionals works with each client to determine a plan that is cost effective, efficient, and nurtures your investment. 

Weekly vs. Bi-Weekly:
Depending on the plants and how they are staged, either weekly or bi-weekly maintenance is required to sustain them. The logistics and requirements will be clearly laid out in the proposal and will be agreed upon before installation. Maintenance visits include: watering, pruning, leaf dusting and polishing, fertilizing and disease and pest control with natural oils.


Purchasing vs. Leasing

When to lease: Leasing may make sense if you will only be at your location for two years or less and/or you would like to preserve an option to install and remove your living wall at no upfront cost.  A minimum one year maintenance contract is required with any leasing option.

When to purchase: Purchasing may make sense if you plan on being in your location for two or more years.  A six month maintenance contract is required.

Installation is included in your purchase price.  Removal of your installation, if requested, would be an additional cost.