Lush Edibles

Lush Edibles are carefully crafted tower gardens that are an ideal way to ensure having delicious, fresh vegetables around your office or home at all times. Their vertical design allows for an efficiency of space on patios or rooftops and gives them the ability to fit in a variety of places. 



The Yield

Using aeroponics, Lush Edibles grow plants three times faster with water and added nutrients, without the need for soil.  They produce 30% more yield, making it easier to have tomatoes and basil for fresh caprese at home, or crisp lettuce for a fresh salad for lunch. 


The Benefits

By incorporating a few Tower Gardens on a roof or patio, an outdoor space is transformed into a meeting place that brings people together to talk, harvest, prepare, and share. 


Looking for inspiration on what you could make from LUSH Edibles? We've put together a few of our favorites ad hope you get to enjoy them with coworkers or friends and family. 



The next step is to schedule a consultation with our team. In just 30 minutes we can help you to determine the best types of plants, designs, and installations for your space. Let's create...