Lush Air

Air Plant design utilize Tillandsias, or Air Plants, which are a unique species that do not require soil to grow. Air Plants' whimsical forms effortlessly breathe life into otherwise sterile spaces and create works of art that can be displayed on a coffee table or cover a wall. 



Air Plant Design

By nature, Tillandsias are works of art that can be exhibited on wood, glass, metal or mounted straight to a wall to create a truly custom design. They can occupy a large space or emphasize a small nook, adding a variety of shapes, colors, and textures.  


Their care

Because of their size, weight and little need for water, Air Plants are both easy to care for and handle. This makes a Lush Air installation perfect for any space. 


Buy or Lease Option

With Lush Elements, you have the option to lease a Lush Air installation. This opportunity allows you to experience the beauty and benefits of a Lush Air piece without having to install a more permanent piece. For questions about when is the best time to buy or lease, please get in touch with us HERE



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