Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the needs and benefits of each type of installation that Lush Elements has to offer. 

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Additional Frequently Asked Questions


Why are the prices not listed on the website?

We believe every project has a unique set of goals, challenges and environmental requirements for each project to be successful.  We have an approximate pricing per square feet in some cases, but need to evaluate several things before quoting a job.


Where are your materials sourced from and are they sustainable?

We value products that are produced close to home and seek the most sustainable choices as possible, while prioritizing quality.  We are continuously seeking options that are the best choices for our earth.


I’ve heard plants can provide benefits aside from the aesthetic, is this true?

Absolutely!  Check out some of the details in our Benefits section, HERE


Do you only design and sell items, or would you ever consider leasing your designs? When does it make sense to buy vs. lease?

We would consider leasing Lush Air, Living Lush and Lush Walls. It makes sense to consider leasing a piece if you would have it for less than two years. We do not lease Lush Plants, Lush Patios or Lush Edibles.


What kinds of Tower Gardens have you had success with?

Juice Plus works well for supplying residences at homes and staff at work places with delicious, fresh produce.  To find out more about Juice Plus, read HERE.


When you come out for a consultation, what are the questions you will ask and pay attention to?

  • What is the orientation of the sun and how does it hit the space you imagine for your project?
  • How intense is the light?  For how long and what part of the day does it shine on the proposed space?
  • Are there elements of artificial heat or cold?  If so, where are they compared to the proposed space?
  • Is the space in a zone that makes sense for the fluid flow of people, pets and stuff?
  • What is the style and what are the colors in your space?
  • How much of a monthly budget do you have for maintenance?
  • What day and time could a Plant Technician come to service the plants?


How much maintenance is involved in a Lush Elements designed piece or space?

Maintenance is a key component of the success of a project or piece.  Asking yourself how much time can be invested by you or investing in a Lush Elements Maintenance Plan before committing to an installation is wise. Learn more about the maintenance details for each service HERE

For additional details and to set up a consultation, please contact the Lush Elements Team.