Maintenance is the most important element in determining the success of an installation. Consistent care with a knowledgeable Plant Technician is key, as plants need a trained, watchful eye to ensure they get the things they need to thrive.  


Our team of dedicated professionals work with each client to determine a plan that is cost effective, efficient, and nurtures your investment. 

Depending on the plants and how they are staged, either weekly or bi-weekly maintenance is required to sustain them. The logistics and requirements will be clearly laid out in the proposal and will be agreed upon before installation.


Plant Technician 

Plants require knowledgeable professionals who can identify pests and know how to manage them. The Plant Technician will attend to the pruning and water needs of plants through the span of its existence. A professional will know the appropriate amount of light for each plant, and will know when to water and fertilize.  


Maintenance Visits

Maintenance visits include: watering, pruning, leaf dusting and polishing, fertilizing and disease and pest control with natural oils. Pests are less likely to move in if the plant is given the essentials.  If pests do decide to move in, the Lush Elements technician will know how to treat them.

Things to think about when considering a Lush Elements piece or space in your corporate or residential space:

  • What is the orientation of the sun and how does it hit the space you imagine for your project?

  • How intense is the light?  For how long and what part of the day does it shine on the proposed space?

  • Are there elements of artificial heat or cold?  If so, where are they compared to the proposed space?

  • Is the space in a zone that makes sense for the fluid flow of people, pets and stuff?

  • What is the style and what are the colors in your space?

  • How much of a monthly budget do you have for maintenance?

  • What day and time could a Plant Technician come to service the plants?