Lush Walls

Lush Walls are preserved designs that are comprised of a variety of types of mosses and plants that do not require maintenance due to their preservation. Though these pieces are preserved, they still provide the feel of lush, living plants.




Lush Walls can be uniquely customized to fit almost anywhere in any shape due to the nature of the plants. These pieces can be created to incorporate stylized shapes, logos and company names. 


The Benefits

Lush Walls offer natural sound proofing, while simultaneously uplifting and giving those around the feeling of being connected to the outdoors.


Purchase or Lease Option

With Lush Elements, you have the option to lease a Lush Wall installation. This opportunity allows you to experience the beauty and benefits of a Lush Wall piece without having to install a more permanent piece.



The next step is to schedule a consultation with our team. In just 30 minutes we can help you to determine the best types of plants, designs, and installations for your space. Let's create...